The problem of identity in a territory like Colombia is crucial to be understood and solve by our society in order to set goals and clear objectives in the future. This can be understood in a better way with two questions, 1) how can I, as a human being and a Colombian, develop my daily life, either, with my family, in the university or at work etc, if I don't know the roots, the origin of my country? and 2) If the few things that I know make me feel ashamed, can I accept myself and the others in their context or not?
The territory in which Colombia is today, has always been a point of intersection of different cultures, mainly the Europeans, which brought with their arrival the language we speak today and the most popular religion in the country among other things. But what I really want to bring into the conversation, is the radical change and the cultural mix between all the things Europeans brought and what we can call pre-Columbian (Before Columbus), and how, as a result of that, we are today a multicultural and multiracial society.
In a city like Bogota, where lots of people come everyday from other regions as the result of different social and economic problems of the country, it's much more evident the racial and cultural mix that we have in our territory. This is a diversity that is well accepted and appraised by a few and at the same time, embarrassing for the majority.
Bogotípia is an ongoing editorial project (book).
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