Living the dream is a photographic series about the Latin American immigration to the United States. A project made during my trips to Florida and North Carolina, where I lived, first hand and from the inside, the experience of being an immigrant illegal worker, and in my case particularly, a photographer, a friend and a listener to so many stories that lie underground in this part of the world. My interest for this subject was born thanks to my father's stories about going across the border, the abuse, the racism, the landscapes, the illusions and disappointments. Since his early twenties my father was an immigrant, not only in North America, but in a lot of countries around the world, all of that, just to offer my family a better future.
By going to a lot of different places like work fields, streets, supermarkets, Latin neighborhoods and houses of those who today I am glad to call friends of mine, I did achieve to photograph some situations, moments and feelings, captured in the faces and eyes of this tireless workers as well as some objects that are reflection of their daily life, their routines, work and clandestinity and others showing a reality immersed in drugs and alcohol. With this series I am trying to show a reality that most of the times is ignore for those who, know that exist but that have not had to live it directly. I also want to make a tribute to my father, to his experiences and to those who go through these situations, always thinking about their families and how they are pushed to leave everything they know behind and have to face the possibility of death or incarceration by crossing the borders to live a ''dream'' and afterwards, how some of these people someday will have to wake up and realize about the loneliness, the routine, the abuse and certain kind of happiness/sadness to which they will have to get used to and live with it.
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