In the cobbled streets of Coimbra, time passes and history comes to life. “Praeter Tempus”, a Latin expression that translates as “beyond time”, is a photographic project that captures the essence of this unique Portuguese city, where the past and present converge in a captivating mosaic. Coimbra, with its rich cultural and architectural heritage, reveals itself as a hidden treasure in the heart of Portugal. 
Its narrow streets, historic buildings and enchanting atmosphere evoke the feeling of being trapped in a moment suspended in time.Through my lens, I explored the city in search of details that revealed this feeling of timelessness. The centuries-old walls that have stood the test of centuries and the worn stones that have witnessed countless stories. Coimbra presents itself as a silent witness of time where every corner is a window to the past. 
Color photographs capture the richness and visual diversity of this city. The nuances of the buildings, the vitality/mortality of the vegetation in its squares and the palette of colors that give life to the streets become a testimony of temporal continuity. Coimbra is a canvas that is painted over the seasons and decades. Through these images I invite the viewer to get lost in the pages of Coimbra's history and feel the magic of a city where time disappears. “Praeter Tempus” is an invitation to explore the timeless beauty of this city suspended in time.
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